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Conflict and Dispute Management Services for people, organizations, groups and government.

Neutrally empowering and teaching people to find collaborative, sustainable solutions

What is Conflict? 

Conflict arises when humans or their organizations/groups believe they have incompatible goals with another; inorder for them to achieve their goals the other must lose.

There are several types of conflicts/disputes: interpersonal, organizational, resources, political, aspirations, culture, religious, and between all levels of governments:local, state, national and international. Conflict does not need to rise to physical violence, it can be manifested in silence & indifference, name calling, othering, unhealthy competition, lawsuits, EEO complaints, work slowdown or stoppage and splits within organizations/groups. 

Conflict & Dispute Management

Conflict and disputes are part of the  human experience and often the result of miscommunication. Conflict is positive and brings about change. The goal is to build a bridge for positive communication to reconnect people.

How one manages it is shaped by their life lens, which is made up of ones family dynamics, culture, education, experience and goals.

Curiosity and open mindedness leads to understanding and developing effective and sustainable resolutions no matter the complexity of the conflict. 

Using mediation broken relationships can be rebuilt. 

Contact me today if I can assist you navigate conflict.

Our Mission

Serving fellow humans in a neutral, non-judgemental, respectul and honest manner, and always with integrity.

Our Services:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools and Skills
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Negotiation
  • Training
  • Presentations
  • Dialogue for Difficult Subjects


Judicial Mediation:

  • General District Court
  • Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court 


  • Interpersonal
  • Consumer
  • Community/Group
  • Organizational 

About Me. Always There For You.

Thank you for visiting my website today,  my name is Pamela Struss and I have 30+ years of community development and real estate experience. I am a scholar practitioner in the conflict methodology field. Building bridges and connecting people is my passion. 

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses at the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experience and hope for the conflict resolution field. 

I also teach for the Conflict Management and Resolution Program at UNCWilmington

    My practice expertise is in mediation, facilitation, negotiation and coaching. I have two different mediation certifications at the national and state levels. I am an MC3 certified Mediator ( and certified by the VA Supreme Court as a Mediator, Mentor and Trainer in the General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts; I have completed the Circuit Court-Civil education.

    My sector expertise is in community development with local, state and federal governments; judicial mediation, interracial dialogue, and environmental conflict. and received appointments to local government boards and commissions, some of which I chaired.

   Currently I am on the Executive Board Member of the Virginia Mediation Network, Committee, CoLeader of the Education, Research and Training Committee of the Association of Conflict Resolution, and a Member of the Marketing Committee for the Dispute Resolution Section of the ABA.

   I am innovative, tenacious, patient, detailed oriented, ethical and ability to build consensus between diverse opinions and belief systems. I am known for my ethics, dedication to my clients and dependability. 


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